Pregnant Woman Ruins The Wedding As She Pranks Groom Infront Of The Bride

The social network Facebook has been surrounded by a video in recent months in which a bridesmaid pranked the bride and groom during their wedding.

The wedding ceremony was interrupted by her friend, who pretended to be pregnant with the groom in front of the newlyweds.

The unsavory prank online has caused a mass outrage among users who agree that the bridesmaid has ruined the bride and groom's wedding day. The author of the video defends herself by saying that the witness only wanted to make sure that the lovers will remember their wedding day forever.

We give them that right - they will surely never forget how they were approached by a pregnant woman which accused the groom of being the father of her child.

Fortunately for the bride and groom, it was just a mischievous prank that, judging by the responses, ended in good will and laughter. Look at how a woman pranked the groom and the bride during their wedding.

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