Range Rover Drivers Stuck In Snow, Then Fiat Panda Drives By

Years ago, a video landed online in which a Range Rover driver in trouble was filmed in Italy.

The driver could not overcome the snowy slope with his vehicle, and then all the attention was stolen by the driver who drove past in a Fiat Panda.

Many online users laugh mainly at the fact that the driver of a vehicle worth around $100,000 found himself in big trouble and the driver of a vehicle worth around $10,000 drove past the first driver as a joke.

Despite several attempts and efforts, the driver of the Range Rover did not make the slope, and at the same time he was easily overtaken on the left by the driver of the Fiat Panda. Well, that was expected, as the Fiat Panda is a much lighter car that also has narrower tires.

Take a look at an unusual scene from Italy when the driver with a Fiat Panda whizzed past a Range Rover driver who found himself in big trouble on a snowy slope.
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