Rescued Dakota The Coyote Likes To Cuddle

Videos of people making friends with beasts have landed online many times.

Such is also the video from the SaveAFox shelter, where the caretaker hung out with the rescued coyote.

The coyote is a representative of the beast from the dog family. They are primarily nocturnal predators in the prairies and forests of North and Central America. Their body is up to 95 cm (3.1 ft) long. They have a bushy tail, the fur above is brownish to reddish light gray, and whitish below. The ears, muzzle and legs are rusty in color.

These animals are considered dangerous because they are beast. Nevertheless, good people rescued the female coyote and took care of her in the shelter.

From there comes a video in which the shelter's caretaker showed how "dangerous" the said animals can be. She recorded a game with the rescued coyote Dakota, and the video has already reached more than half a million views on the YouTube network to date.
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