Russia Takes Slap Fighting To An Even Weirder Place

In the past months, a number of videos from Russia have been expanded across the web in which we could see scenes from the slapping competition.

The rules are simple: The competitors slap each other, and the winner is the one who can handle more slaps than his opponent.

Now another video from Russia has landed on the web in which we can see the mentioned competition with slightly changed rules. Instead of men, the girls competed, and the slaps were done to the different spot.

Especially male viewers are enthusiastic about the scenes, as many have expressed regret that we do not have such disciplines at the Olympic Games.

A video clip of the new slapping competition is also a real sensation on the web - in just a few days, it has accumulated almost 1 million views. Would you also like to see more of a Russian competition in which the girls are competing?
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