Russian Guy Finds Scared Squirrel, Footage Will Make Your Day

While walking in the woods, Daniil Tyuterev filmed a very special scene these days when he met a little squirrel.

Because he had nuts with him, he offered the squirrel food, while recording an unusual response from the animal on camera.

The video with the cute squirrel landed online two days ago, and it is already a real hit on the YouTube network. To date, it has garnered more than 250,000 views, thanks to the squirrel's unusual response.

Daniil offered the squirrel a tasty treat that it didn't hesitate at first, but then the unexpected happened. The little squirrel "froze" next to the author of the video and remained in place, barely moving.

In the end, Daniil left the treat in its lap, and the squirrel's response will surely make you laugh too. Look at what the squirrel did next to the delicious nuts.
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