Russian Pilot Ejects Seconds Before Missile Impact

These days, a video has circulated on the YouTube network, where we can watch the action drama of a Russian jet pilot.

The pilot, who had a GoPro camera mounted during the flight, ejected from the plane just before it was hit by a missile from Ukrainian forces.

The video, which landed on the Internet in the past few days, is already a real hit - it reached more than 2 million views on the YouTube network alone, and the footage of the drama left many Internet users speechless.

The Russian pilot ejected from the Sukhoi Su-25 jet plane during the flight. This jet was developed as a Soviet response to the American tank destroyer - the Warthog-Thunderbolt aircraft. The robust, medium-sized aircraft had a single mission in the past, the destruction of American and British tank units in the area of ​​Western Europe.

Watch the dramatic video footage of the moment a Russian pilot ejected from a Sukhoi Su-25 jet right before the plane was hit by a missile.
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