Sapphie The Pomsky Reacting to Owner Pretending She Isn't There

One of the hits online is a video in which we can follow the owner of a dog of the Pomsky breed when he pretended not to see her in front of him.

Judging by the comments online, the dog's response made many animal lovers laugh.

Pomsky is one of the most unusual mixtures of breeds in the world: it is a combination of Pomeranian and Husky.

The video, which was made last October in the city of San Diego in the US state of California, has reached more than 100,000 views on the YouTube network alone to date. The dog's response when not noticed by the owner is considered by many to be the right dose of laughter.

See how the dog reacted when the owner right next to him pretended not to see her. Will the dog make you laugh with her actions?
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