Science Singing Group Wins A Golden Buzzer On Spain's Got Talent

On the stage of the Spanish talent show, a group of four musicians, who appeared in the dresses of scientists, performed at the last audition.

The judges did not know at first what surprise awaited them, but judging by the reactions, they enjoyed the performance immensely.

In the show Spain's Got Talent 2021, four musicians, who present themselves in the world of music with the stage name Barber's Science, performed at the last audition. The members of the music group range from 23 to 37 years old, and their performances are a real treat for music lovers.

Their audition performance was so good that the judges together decided to give them a Golden Buzzer. This one takes them straight to the quarterfinals of the Spanish talent show.

Take a look at the outstanding audition performance from the show Spain's Got Talent 2021, in which the music group Barber's Science won the Golden Buzzer. Will they impress you with their performance?
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