Seagull Hits Girl On Sling Shot Ride

From the amusement park in the city of Wildwood in the US state of New Jersey comes a video in which we can watch a real drama on a catapult.

One of the visitors experienced a real shock when using an attractive device - she had hit a seagull in the air during the flight.

The video, which has landed online in recent days, has reached almost 200,000 views on the YouTube network to date. The scene made many web users laugh.

The two girls headed to an amusement park in Wildwood City to try out an attractive catapult there. We sit on the sling shot, and then it launches us high into the air with the help of an elastic band.

During the launch, one of the girls experienced a real shock - she had hit a seagull in the air, and then removed the bird from her body with her hands. If we wouldn't see such a scene, we wouldn't believe it.
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