Semi Truck Gets Destroyed By A Train In Pendleton, Indiana

A ride across the railroad can quickly turn into a nightmare, as evidenced by a video from the US state of Indiana.

There, the driver of the truck got stuck on the tracks, and a few minutes later a freight train arrived at full speed.

The video comes from the city of Pendleton in the US state of Indiana, and in it we can follow the dramatic moments before the arrival of the train. The truck with the trailer was stuck on the tracks, and the vehicle could not be moved.

The driver jumped out of the truck before the train arrived, and eyewitnesses managed to record the collision between the train and the truck on a mobile phone. Only the driver of the train was slightly injured in the collision.

Look at the dramatic moment from the United States when a truck with a trailer got stuck on the railroad tracks just before the arrival of the freight train.
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