Shaddai Superyacht For 344 Million Dollars Has Infinity Pool 125 Ft Above Sea Level

Almost all of us can only dream of owning luxury yacht. But those who can afford the yacht can also choose the luxurious super yacht Shaddai, which, with its image, takes everyone's breath away.

The downside of the yacht is that it costs a whopping 344 million dollars!

The Shaddai Yacht was designed by Gabriela Teruzzi of Italy, and the word "Shaddai" is derived from the Hebrew language and means "almighty."

On a luxury yacht, the owner's cabin measures as much as 104 square meters, and at 125 feet above sea level, it even has its own terrace, from which watching the sunsets is the most beautiful.

The yacht is made of the finest materials, measuring 492 feet in length, and its special feature is the viewpoint at the top of the tower, which also has a swimming pool. Take a look at the spaces in a luxury yacht Shaddai!
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