Shocking Truth Of Chernobyl Disaster, That Could Wiped Out The Europe Population

Those older people who still remember the '80s, certainly remember the year of 1986.

This year, the Chernobyl disaster happened, more precisely on April 26, 1986, at the nuclear power plant Chernobyl near Pripyat, Ukraine, after the explosion of a nuclear reactor. The accident continues to be the worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear power.

At the terrible accident, radiation was generated 400 times higher than radiation at the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Soon after the accident, radioactive particles spread across the Western Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. About 300,000 people were to be evacuated from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and 60% of radioactive dust landed in Belarus.

The inhabitants of Pripyat, where Chernobyl stands, were evacuated 36 hours after the explosion of the nuclear reactor.

This is how radiation spread throughout Europe:

The Ukrainian city Pripyat, located in the immediate vicinity of the nuclear power plant Chernobyl, is still abandoned. Nature has enclosed the city in its armor, many buildings are in very bad shape, while the greenery has covered many paved surfaces. Scenes from Pripyat were also captured with a drone by Warren Urbexing in 2019, and in the video we can also see how the city looked like before the nuclear accident.

The mini-series "Chernobyl" also speaks about the catastrophe from Chernobyl, in which it is possible to see the scenes that the local inhabitants witnessed in the event of an accident. This series is extremely popular and has very high ratings, so we strongly recommend viewing it.

After the accident, the removal of the consequences also began with helicopters. They were covering the core of the damaged reactor with soil. And even after the accident we witnessed the horror: One of the helicopters crashed during work, and the entire scene was captured on camera.

Helicopter accident next to the Chernobyl:

There is also a video clip on the internet where we can see scenes from the basement of the hospital No. 126 in Pripyat. There are still clothes from the firefighters who immediately left for intervention in the event of an accident. Their clothes are still contaminated, and radioactivity is 100,000 larger than normal values.

Radioactive clothing of firefighters in the basement of the hospital:

The Chernobyl accident, however, could have devastating consequences. During the intervention, water accumulated in the collectors and warming could lead to a large explosion. Such an explosion would wipe out half of Europe, and the consequences would have been felt for about 500,000 years. The catastrophe was prevented by three brave workers who manually opened the valves during the suicide mission and left the water out of the reservoirs.

Take a look at the terrifying scenes from Chernobyl and its surroundings when the worst nuclear disaster in history took place on April 26, 1986. On the basis of these recordings, also the popular series "Chernobyl" was recorded.

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