Shocking Video Shows Tornado Destroying Through Luxembourg Town

Yesterday on Friday, a severe storm raged over Luxembourg. The locals of Petange and Kaerjeng say they have never seen anything like this in their lives.

Namely, both cities were hit by a powerful tornado that left behind a real devastation!

The tornado injured 19 people and two of them sustained serious injuries. At the same time, more than 160 buildings have been heavily damaged.

The web has been flooded with numerous videos and photos that once again prove how relentless Mother Nature is.

The winds reached 128 kilometers per hour, and the damage was huge. Authorities said today that around 100 houses have been completely destroyed and that the damage cannot be estimated.

Tornado also spotted in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yesterday's storm affected not only Luxembourg but also many other countries nearby. A severe storm has been witnessed in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. From Amsterdam comes a video showing that he also wrecked a tornado there.

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