Singer Shaquira McGrath Follows Her Dreams Performing Country Hit On AGT 2020

24-year-old singer Shaquira McGrath, who comes from the US state of Georgia, auditioned at the America's Got Talent these days.

She started singing at the tender age of two, but she never made a breakthrough on the music scene - mainly thanks to bad people, who always told her she wasn't good enough.

Shaquira McGrath has been struggling with being overweight since childhood, and this is the reason why her friends have always advised her not to perform music. All her life she was told she would never succeed, and these days she has decided to put the rumors to an end.

She performed on the show America's Got Talent 2020, and at the audition she shone by singing the song "Redneck Woman", originally performed by 46-year-old singer Gretchen Wilson.

Listen to the wonderful performance in which 24-year-old Shaquira McGrath took over all the judges in the America's Got Talent 2020 show. Another proof that we should never give up in life!
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