Sister Tricks Younger Brother Into Eating Healthy Food In China

Have you ever wondered how to trick kids to eat vegetables and a healthy food in general? The answer to this question is known by a little boy's sister from China who prefers to promote healthy life to him.

And how does she get to trick her little brother to eat healthy food?

South China Morning Post, Youtube
For example, she transformed a piece of cucumber into a ball, stuffed it on a lollipop stick, and then offered it to her brother. She does the same with other fruits and vegetables - she even transformed a watermelon into a shape of an ice cream.

The mother of the boy told the media that her older daughter is 14 years old, and her youngest son Xiao Chengliang is just over a year old. It is her daughter who always goes for many tricks, in which little Xiao consumes a healthy food instead of sweets.

The boy has a very big appetite and wants to eat everything that comes infront of his eyes. That is why he is overweight, and his sister is trying to help him with her tricks. Little Xiao loves her from the bottom of his heart, and scenes captured on camera by his mom will undoubtedly put you in good spirit!
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