Skier Meets Capercaillie In The Snowy Woods

The web was fascinated by a video of a skier these days, when he witnessed a very special visitor while skiing through a snowy forest.

He filmed a capercaillie up close, grazing his curiosity with the skier and the winter ambience.

The capercaillie, also a wild rooster, is a large hen from the field hen family. It lives in Europe and Central Asia, its habitat is mature forests with many undergrowth. Their population is declining over the years, otherwise they are among the less endangered species.

The video, presented by skier Morgan on the YouTube network, is already a real hit. To date, it has reached just over 200,000 views, and many are enthusiastic about the image of the wild rooster.

Look at what a sympathetic scene a skier posing online with the nickname Morgan witnessed. Have you ever seen a capercaillie in the wild?
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