Skiers Get Into Avalanche Accident In Davos, Switzerland

Last year, a group of four skiers went skiing in the mountains of Switzerland, where they experienced a real horror.

An avalanche was triggered, which took a female skier down, but she survived thanks to using an airbag.

How dangerous skiing in the snowy mountains is is witnessed by a video that landed on the YouTube network last year. Near the Parsenn ski resort in Davos, Switzerland, they went on a wild skiing and soon experienced a real drama.

An avalanche had triggered, taking a female skier with it. She luckly activated an inflatable airbag when she fell, which kept her above the snow.

Fortunately, this time it was a minor avalanche, but without an airbag, the result could have been different. Take a look at the moment from Switzerland when an avalanche triggered behind the skiers.
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