Snow Doesn't Stop Hummer Driving On The Street

These days, an older video clip, in which we can follow a special drive by the driver of an off-road vehicle, has once again made the rounds on the Internet.

He drove a yellow Hummer onto a completely snow-covered street, and the snow was obviously no obstacle for the off-road vehicle.

The video clip is already a hit on the YouTube network, where it has reached more than 9.5 million views to date. Some online users commented on the scene, saying that the driver had been waiting for this day all his life.

Amanda DeMano captured the scene on her cell phone while clearing snow from her vehicle one morning. At that moment, the driver of a SUV vehicle came along the completely snow-covered street, and with his actions, he ensured the enthusiasm of many.

Take a look at the unusual scene from the United States, where we can follow the driving of a SUV vehicle on a snowy street.
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