Snowboarder Wipes Out Seven Skiers In Austria, Putting Four In Hospital

A video has gone viral on the Internet, where we can watch the real drama on a ski resort in Austria.

The young snowboarder lost his balance on the lift and then slid down the slope, knocking at least seven skiers to the ground.

The video clip published by Manuel Cernko on the YouTube network is already a real success on the Internet - it has reached more than 150,000 views on the mentioned network alone, and already several million views across social networks.

An 18-year-old snowboarder from Hungary left the ski resort after the incident and ran away. As a result of the collision, four skiers were taken to the hospital, one of them was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

The snowboarder who caused the accident was later tracked down by the police. If any of the skiers decides to file a lawsuit, the 18-year-old will have to defend his action in front of a judge.
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