Snowmobilers Encounter A Bear, It Almost Ends With A Disaster

A video from years ago once again rounded up online where we can follow the stupidity of two Russians on a snowmobile.

While driving through the snow, they came across a bear and chased it, but it could all end tragically.

The scene, which was filmed by the Russians near the city of Paramushir in Russia, is already a real success online - it has garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube alone, and many online users are holding their heads at the video.

Two men chased an adult bear with a snowmobile. When the author of the video got too close to the bear, he almost attacked him. Fortunately, it ended without any injuries for the Russian, but there was not much left for a different outcome.

Look at the reckless behavior of two men from Russia as they chased a bear with their snowmobile. If you meet a bear in the wild, don't chase it!
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