Soldier Returns Home, Catches Her Dog Off Guard For A Moment

Dogs are very attached to their owners and other family members, and without them, life seems meaningless to them.

Last year, the web was surrounded by a sympathetic video in which the dog initially did not recognize his owner.

Bailey returned from Kuwait where she was in the military, and her German Shepherd did not expect her that day. When he saw her at the door in a military uniform, he did not recognize her at all - he barked at her first, but then everything turned around.

When a German Shepherd named Seiko recognized his owner, he happily started jumping on her, spinning in a circle several times. Enthusiasm was just boiling out of him, and the scene touched many animal lovers online.

Take a look at the reaction of the dog Seika when he saw his owner Bailey again after several months. Another proof of how much our dogs love us.
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