Starving Deer Shows Up At Door, Makes A Friendly Bond With A Stranger

In the past month, a wonderful video has been circulating on the Internet, in which we can follow the actions of a man when a starving baby deer appeared in front of his home.

At first, the man left the deer alone, as he did not want to touch her - nevertheless, she returned to his home every day, and the author of the video began to care for the animal.

The video clip, which landed on the YouTube network not long ago, is already a real hit there - to date, it has reached more than a million views, and many animal lovers are excited about the unfolding of the story.

GeoBeats Animals, YouTube
We can follow the story of a baby deer who turned to a human for help. The scenes were filmed near the city of Quebec in Canada, where the deer has become completely attached to the man. She even entered his home a few times, and she followed him several times during his walks in the forest. The man named the deer Fairy.

When the animal was old enough, it was time to find animal friends again. Other deer took refuge near the house, and Fairy joined them and went to an unknown place. Take a look at the wonderful story that has inspired many animal lovers online.
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