Stormchasers Come Next To A Giant Tornado, Then Drama Unfolds Quickly

Especially in the United States, a lot of stormchasers go on the way to the tornadoes to capture these rare scenes on cameras.

This was the case in those days in the US state of Kansas, when a group of stormchasers set off against a tornado.

Shortly after arrival, they had a real drama there. The tornado made the way above them, but due to heavy rain, it was not seen good on the radar image.

It hit the convoy of two vehicles in which stormchasers were located. The vehicle from which the video came from was initially thrown to the other side of the road, where it rolled three times and finally landed on a roof in the nearby ditch.

Luckily, passengers in the vehicle took it only with minor injuries. According to their report, the tornado winds reached a speed of 180 mph. Take a look at what kind of close call had the stormchasers in the US in recent days.
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