Stranger Shows Up Asking For "Tex", Veteran Can't Believe His Eyes Who Is It

A family was sitting down to dinner together, when the doorbell rang. A woman hustled over to the front door to answer it while in the background, you can hear silverware banging on plates and voices chattering. The person at the door asked for someone named Tex.

The woman turned around and hollered back at her family, "Someone is looking for Tex." The other family members knew what was going on, except for the man named Tex.

As it turns out, the woman's elderly father was known as Tex by his Army buddies while they served together. Absolutely no one but his best friend from the Army called him by that name. It had been more than 60 years since the two Army veterans had laid eyes on each other.

The man known as Tex came hustling into the room, took one look at the man standing on the front porch and couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was the man who stood by his side, fought by his side, during wartime.

Watch these two reunite after more than half a century apart. It's quite the reunion!
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