Stunning Footage Of A Plane Landing In Foggy Weather

One of the hits online is also a video from Poland shared on YouTube by a user named Burze Podkarpacia.

This one filmed a passenger plane landing in fog, and the scenes quickly rounded up online and impressed many users.

Rzeszów - Jasionka Airport is an international airport in southeastern Poland, in the village of Jasionka, 10 km from the center of Rzeszów. It is the eighth busiest airport in Poland and currently the smallest European airport with direct scheduled transatlantic connections, with seasonal LOT Polish Airlines to Newark.

A video is coming from the mentioned airport, which is already a real success on the Internet - the author recorded the landing of a passenger plane in foggy weather, and the scene will undoubtedly impress you as well.

See what a passenger plane landing looks like in foggy weather. Have you ever seen such aircraft landings?
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