Suspect Gets Shot After Exchanging Gunfire With A Police Trooper

These days, a video has landed on the Internet, in which we can watch a real horror through the eyes of a police officer.

The camera on his body recorded the shootout with an armed man, and the police officer narrowly avoided serious injury or even death while chasing him.

The video, in which we can watch the reaction of a police officer to an armed man, has already reached more than half a million views on the YouTube network alone. He witnessed the drama in the city of Salem in the US state of Oregon.

Officer Andrew Tuttle observed an attempted armed robbery on the road, then ran after the suspect. During the hunt, the man shot at him, but luckily the bullet only grazed his arm. The police officer fired back and fatally wounded the attacker.

The police officer survived the confrontation with only minor injuries, while the shooter was pronounced deceased at the scene. Take a look at the horror that a police officer from the US state of Oregon witnessed in the past few days.
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