Swedish Driver Fleeing Police Officers, Crashes His BMW M3

Human insanity knows no boundaries. These days, a video from Sweden circulated the Web, in which the driver challenged police officers for a chase after him.

He rampaged through the city at full speed, and his escape from the police ended in an accident.

The driver, who presents himself online by the name of Fragglarn, raced through one of Sweden's cities with his BMW M3 F80, and was soon followed by police.

His fleeing was captured from multiple angles by numerous cameras mounted on the vehicle, and at the end of the video, it ended badly for him and his vehicle.

Fragglarn lost control of the vehicle, collided with a traffic sign and then into a security fence. The BMW then stood on the sidewalk, and police officers soon arrived at the scene of the crash. What punishment the driver received is still unknown ...
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