Technology Brings Lost Grandpa's Love To Life

The web was surrounded by another touching video in which they recorded the heartfelt response of a 98-year-old war veteran named Jake Larson.

With the help of technology, the image of his late wife from his youth was "revived" on a computer, and he could not hold back tears of happiness at the scene.

Soon after returning from World War II, Jake Larson returned to his hometown, where he met a woman named Lola. Because they were perfect for each other, they soon got married.

They spent a lot of beautiful moments together, but in 1991 Lola lost the battle for her life. She passed away due to cancer, but all these years she was still Jake's greatest love.

With the help of technology, they "revived" her photo from her youth, and showed the final result to Jake. The scene hit him straight into the emotions, and the moving video will also touch your heart.
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