Teenage Driver Blows Past Stopped Bus In Texas, Almost Hits A Child

A Houston mother was watching the scene last Wednesday in shock as her 5-year-old daughter got off the bus.

Since 5-year-old Melina was in kindergarten for the first time, her arrival from school was captured by mom Josephine Kirk-Taylor on camera. But at that moment, a tragedy would almost occur.

At high speed, Julio Coreas, an 18-year-old driver passed the stopped bus at full speed. With a loud scream, Josephine prevented her 5-year-old daughter from stepping on the road!

Police officers arrested the 18-year-old driver on the basis of the vehicle's registration number, and now he is facing a heavy fine.

Punishment for a wild driver is also demanded by an afflicted mother - she is convinced that the driver, with his wild driving style, has definitely put someone else in danger, so she will go all in for justice!
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