Teenagers Perform 'Imagine' By John Lennon During The Street Performance

Half a year ago, a wonderful video appeared on the YouTube network, in which we can watch the street performance of two teenagers.

Oscar Stembridge and Karolina Protsenko played and sang together the hit "Imagine", which was originally performed by John Lennon.

The video, which Oscar published on his YouTube channel, is already a hit on the Internet - it has reached almost 2 million views on the mentioned network alone, and many music fans are enthusiastic about the performance.

The song "Imagine" was released by John Lennon in 1971, and in 2017 his wife Yoko Ono was also recognized as a co-author. It is the best-selling single of John Lennon's solo career.

Listen to a wonderful singing performance in which Oscar Stembridge and Karolina Protsenko together played and sang "Imagine", considered one of John Lennon's greatest hits.
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