Terrifying Auditon On Britain's Got Talent Leaves Judge Amanda Holden Shaken

These days, auditions began in the most popular talent show, Britain's Got Talent. A talent was also presented on the stage by a competitor who introduced her to the judges only with a name Elizabeth.

When they asked her why she came to their show, she said that she wanted to make the impossible possible...

When her performance began, she first told all those gathered that the hall is haunted by ghosts. Soon after, she approached the judge Amanda Holden, gave her an old book in her hands and took her under the stage.

There, she placed some photos with the deceased before the judge, and then gave her the task of choosing the one that holds the greatest connection to her. Amanda chose a photo, but in the next moment she recieved a big shock. In front of her, the late lady from the photo appeared, who replaced the place of the performing Elizabeth.

Take a look at how the whole performance unfolded, where many in the hall got goosebumps, while the worst was experienced by Amanda Holden.
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