The Guard Dog Who Helps Kids Cross The Road Safe

Last year, a video from the city of Batumi in Georgia landed online, in which we can follow a very special hero.

We are talking about a dog named Kupata, who has a very special mission - every day he makes sure that children cross the road safely.

Kupata spent most of his life as a stray dog, but one day he got lucky when he was taken into a new home by a good woman. Despite the warm home, he still likes to wander the streets, where he takes care of the safety of children.

Every time a group of children crosses the road at a pedestrian crossing, Kupata comes to them. With a loud bark, he then warns the drivers that there are children at the pedestrian crossing, and he often goes with them to a nearby park.

Take a look at how sympathetically the Kupata dog, which is already a true legend in the city of Batumi in Georgia, performs his mission. Will he impress you with what he does?
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