The Terrifying Moment A Dirt Bike Rider Falls Off A The Side Of A Cliff

These days, the web is once again surrounded by a video from years past when motorcyclist Rick Hogge experienced a real horror.

While driving along the edge of the cliff, he lost control, then fell down the cliff along with the dirt bike and ended up in the water.

A video of the unusual accident was captured at the Schofield Pass near the town of Crested Butte in the US state of Colorado. Rick filmed the entire feat on a camera mounted on his helmet.

While driving along the edge of the cliff, he soon lost control of the dirt bike and then crashed into the abyss. He slid across the terrain for a while, then fell into the lake under the cliff together with his motorbike.

The real miracle is that he survived the fall with only a few minor injuries. Watch a video of a motorcyclist falling down the cliff with his motorcycle and surviving.
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