The Trailer For 'Top Gun: Maverick' Is Taking Our Breath Away

There is probably none of us who would not know the cult film Top Gun. It was filmed in 1986, starring by Tom Cruise as a Maverick pilot in the lead role.

With this role, Tom Cruise has ensured eternal glory in the film industry!

Since Top Gun was a big movie hit, many fans wondered for years whether there would be a sequel. After 34 years, many fans' dreams came true - in June 2020, the Top Gun: Maverick will be premiered!

The world is excited about the news, and the trailer for the next part of the Top Gun movie has exceeded 15 million views in just a few days on the Youtube network only. In the new Top Gun: Maverick, we will follow a slightly different story, which will offer a lot of military action. Of course, Tom Cruise will again play the role of Maverick.

See how the first trailer for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick movie looks like. Will you watch it yourself?
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