This Burglar Is So Dumb The Columbus Police Made Him His Own Blooper Reel

We can find a lot of sneaky people in the world who prefer to commit robbery and similar crimes instead of an honest work.

The shame will surely be remembered for a long time by a robber caught by a security camera a few days back during a vicious act!

With his failed actions, he laughed the local police officers in Columbus, Ohio. So much so that they produced a blooper reel of his failed ventures.

On the last summer night of the previous month in July, the robber tried to break into the store, but already faced many problems with this task. The security camera recorded many falls and failures, but then the robber managed to get inside the store.

The surveillance cameras also filmed many of his failures inside the store, and the robber eventually stole alcohol, food, cigarettes and electronic devices. Now the Columbus police are asking the citizens for additional information in order to find the robber.

Take a look at the failure of the robber witnessed by police officers when inspecting security cameras. Could he be even more embarrassed?
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