This Delicious Potato Recipe From Grandma Stunned Everyone

A month ago, a video was circulated on the Internet in which the author presented her grandmother's recipe.

She mainly used potatoes and minced meat to prepare the dish, and you will definitely be impressed at the end result.

The dinner, which can be prepared very quickly, judging by the responses online, impresses many food lovers. The video has received more than 3.5 million views on the YouTube network to date.

What ingredients do we need?

1 kg of potatoes
450 g of minced meat
1 onion
Vegetable oil
Common dill
Salt, paprika, pepper, garlic powder
400 g sliced tomatoes
100 g of Manchego cheese

Prepare a delicious dish in the video in the oven - bake everything at 200°C (400°F) for 10 minutes. Will Grandma's recipe for a delicious lunch with potatoes and minced meat impress you too?
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