Tornado Destroys House In Andover, Kensas

A video has landed online these days where we can follow the raw power of nature as a tornado developed in the US.

It demolished everything in front of it, and one of the residents filmed a horrifying scene with a tornado.

The scene, recorded on a mobile phone by Taylor Train, is already a real hit online - we can follow the moment when the tornado completely destroyed his house. Luckily he and his family survived, but they still lost everything they had.

Years ago, Taylor Train rescued a cyclist during a resuscitation bike race, and now locals are determined to return the favor. They are already raising money for him and his family to renovate the house.

Take a look at the raw power of the tornado that has been raging in Andover, Kansas, in recent days. Another proof that the power of nature should never be underestimated.
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