Touching Short About A Guy Who Always Loves To Take Care Of Others

Last year, a beautiful short cartoon titled "Side Effects" came online. In it, we can follow the story of a man who is most cautious about others, but he often forgets about himself.

But even if he takes care of others, he always has a wonderful way to cleanse all the bad he gains from desperated people.

The cartoon was made by Eleonora Stella Hariyono Oei, and the blast in this short will surely give you the thought about it. In the short, we can watch a man who always cares about being nice to others in his life.

But with his actions, he always takes all the difficulties that the strangers have.

When after a long and exhausting day he returns home, there is someone special there, who helps him lose all his problems that he has taken from others. Look at the wonderful short, which has a really strong message!
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