Truck Tries To Race A McLaren, Doesn't Care About Driver's Warning

These days, the web encircled the video clip, which made many drivers laugh. At one of the intersections, the driver of the sportsman McLaren was stopped next to the driver of a pickup truck, and then truck driver began to encourage him into an illegal race.

At the same moment, McLaren driver spotted police officers in the rearview mirror, so he also informed the driver alongside him.

The author of the video and the owner of the prestigious McLaren wrote under the video that he often gets asked for illegal races when driving. Being aware that racing does not belong to the road, he never responded to requests.

Such was also the case in the video when police officers came behind his vehicle.

He warned the driver of the pickup truck about police squad behind him, but he did not mind. At the green light, he took off like he's racing, but then quickly felt the lesson of the police officers...
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