Trucker Dashcam Catches Motorcyclist Crashing Over The Concrete Block

These days, the web was once again surrounded by a video from last year, in which the driver of a truck from the US state of Massachusetts filmed an accident of a motorcyclist on the highway.

He crashed into a guardrail due to excessive speed, and landed a few meters below the highway.

How quickly we can crash a motorcycle is evidenced by a video that landed on the YouTube network last year. To date, it has reached just over 200,000 views there, and the motorcyclist's accident is truly spectacular.

He collided with a motorcycle in a bend on the highway into a protective fence, causing him to be thrown off the bike. He flew over the fence and landed a few meters bellow the highway, and the motorcyclist survived the unusual accident, but was initially in critical condition.

Look at the reason why it is not wise to drive too fast on the highway with a motorcycle. Especially on warmer days, we warn motorists to be extra careful on the roads.
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