Two Man Spent 278 Days To Build A Dream Water Park

A remarkable video of two men building their water park in less than a year landed online last month.

They did not use construction machines, but created the entire water park with almost bare hands.

The video, which the two men posted on the YouTube network, is a real hit to date - it has reached more than 14 million views there alone, and just under 20 minutes of video is without a doubt a real feast for every eye.

The men, who come from Thailand and live in the United States, have built a very special water park in 278 days in a small private jungle in the US state of California, which will impress you with its image. They used only simple tools for construction, such as wooden sticks.

Take a look at the progress of the construction of the water park, which was created by two men almost with their bare hands. Will the end result impress you too?
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