Two Motorbike Racers Break Out Into A Fight After Collision In Costa Rica

These days, the web encircled a video from Costa Rica, taken by cameras during a motorcycle race from the Costa Rica's Championship.

During the race, two motorists collided on one of the sections, but the real drama was just beginning to take place. One of the participants in the accident stuck along the rear tire of the bike, then both stopped together.

Jorge Martinez and Marion Calvo first collided at the racecourse, and then Martinez got stuck on the rear wheel of the bike, driven by Calvo. A few meters forward, both stopped, and there many spectators again saw a drama.

Riders got into a fight, and their move strongly condemned the race leadership. They both got a ban on competing for two years. The lesson learned!

Take a look at the drama that took place during the Costa Rica's Championship at the racecourse in Costa Rica!
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