Two Planes Crash During Air Show At Dallas, TX Airport

Terrifying videos from Dallas, Texas, when two planes collided during an air show, have been circulating online these days.

According to the latest data, at least 6 people have lost their lives, and the authorities are continuing the investigation and identification of the victims.

Two vintage World War II planes collided at low altitude during the show, one of which broke in half on impact. The planes involved are Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and Bell P-63 King Cobra. The two planes crashed into the ground in a mere four seconds.

About 6,000 visitors watched the Wings Over Dallas Airshow, and silence reigned during the collision of two World War II planes. The event was also witnessed by many children among the visitors.

Eric Johnson, the mayor of the city of Dallas, described the event as a terrible tragedy, and according to his information, fortunately, there were no injuries on the ground. Authorities have already announced an investigation into the three-day air show held in honor of Veterans Day.
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