Two Workers Are Very Lucky To Escape Death

How quickly a tragedy can occur is also revealed by a video from Germany, in which we can follow a scene on one of the construction sites.

There, two workers did a lot of nonsense when, while lifting a fallen crane, they watched the whole thing too closely and almost became victims.

From the German city of Boppard in the west of the country comes a video from a construction site where we can follow a real drama. Two workers watched the rescue operation up close, and almost came to a bitter end.

As they stood under the fallen load, the lifting rope loosened and the crane fell on them, but luckily it stopet feets of the ground. They were really lucky that it all ended with just a painful blow - otherwise we would certainly have reported the tragedy.

Take a look at the shocking scene at a German construction site where two workers escaped the worst for inches. Another proof of how quickly tragedy can occur in a work environment.
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