Unexpected Dance Performance Leaves AGT Judges Speechless

At one of the previous auditions in the show America's Got Talent 2021, in which the contestants present their exceptional talents, the husband and wife also shone.

They impressed all the judges with an unusual dance performance, and their performance online is already a real success.

The video of the audition, in which the couple Pasha and Alion showed their talents, is already a real success online - the video has reached more than 4 million views on the YouTube network alone.

Pasha and Aliona shone on the stage of American talent with a dance performance in which they danced like puppets. Many online users have written that they have never seen anything like it and that their dance talent is really something special.

See how the husband and wife impressed the judges and all the gathered guests at the last audition of the show America's Got Talent 2021. Will they take you over with the unexpected dance performance?
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