Unmarked Road Repairs In Russia Sends Car Flying

In those days, a video from Russia has landed on the web, in which the drama is really not missing. In the middle of the night, on June 2, one of the drivers shot a scene on the road in which we had something to see.

Road workers started the repairs on the road, but forgot to put marks and barriers!

Near the town of Voronezh in Russia, workers began their work on the road in the middle of the day on the Ostuzhev Street, and then apparently forgot about the warnings and labels.

In the middle of the night, one of the drivers captured a scene, when two other drivers overlooked a huge hole in the road, before which there was a bunch of sand. Both of them encountered an obstacle, and one of them even overturned the vehicle.

Look at the drama that some of the horrified drivers witnessed these days when they came across the road work in the middle of the night that was not properly marked!
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