Utah Teen Saves Choking Friend With Heimlich Maneuver During School Lunch

In October, a video from the US state of Utah circulated online when a student saved the life of his classmate at a school.

The video from the surveillance camera spread like wildfire across the web, and to date, it has almost 12 million views on the YouTube network alone.

During lunch, a real drama took place in the school dining room - one of the students began to choke with a piece of food, and in a panic he called his classmates for help. His friend quickly came to his aid and then performed a Heimlich maneuver on him.

Quite a few seconds passed before he saved his classmate's life. This one spat out a piece of food, while his friend raised his hands in the air after a successful intervention to celebrate the outcome. According to many online, the teenager would deserve a medal for intervening.

Take a look at a dramatic scene from the school dining room when the boy saved his friend's life with a thoughtful move. There are good friends in the world for moments like this too!
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