Vendors In China Are Selling Live Animals Trapped Inside Plastic Bubbles

Years ago, a video went viral on the Internet, where we can watch a horrible act in one of the markets in China.

There, the saleswoman sold live turtles, fish and frogs in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, and the "product" serves as a keychain.

The bags containing the live animals are barely 3x5 centimeters (1x2 inch) in size, and passers-by can buy the products for $1.50. The scene was filmed by one of the visitors on the street in Beijing, and according to the media, the trapped animals only live in the bags for a few days.

Paula Ramón, YouTube
The media reported on such a sale as early as 2011, and many animal rights activists have been trying for many years to ban this practice worldwide. The bags contain a colored liquid that contains nutrients and oxygen, which runs out after a few days.

After buying such keychains, most often the animals in the bags die, while at best keep some buyers free the animals later and keep them as pets. Look at the terrifying scene that was filmed years ago on one of the streets in Beijing.
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