Very Bright Fireball Lights Up The Sky Over South Australia

In the south of Australia, in the vicinity of Melbourne, security cameras captured a special scene last week. The sky above the city was lighted up by a larger meteor, and with its image impressed many astronomers and fans of such phenomena.

The sky above the city was illuminated by the meteor on May 21, 2019, and the scenes quickly circulated the web.

A rare occurrence in the sky that night was also recorded by security cameras at helipad. Many natives said that the meteor completely illuminated the sky with a strong orange color. This is the result of melting and decomposing when entering the atmosphere.

The speed of the fallen meteor is between 11 km/h or 7 mph if it enters the atmosphere in the opposite direction of motion of the Earth, and up to 70 km/s or 43 miles per second, if a meteor enters the atmosphere in the direction of Earth's motion.

Take a look at the scene with a fireball shot by security cameras in the past week in the south of Australia!
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