Vet Goes Viral Performing A Song Together With A Dog

In the past month of January, a video from Ukraine landed on the Facebook network, in which all attention was stolen by a veterinarian and a singing dog.

The video is already a real hit online, and the sympathetic performance has impressed many music and animal lovers.

At the same time, the veterinarian from the city of Chernivtsi is also a big fan of the accordion - he often plays the instrument in front of the animals he cares for. One of them was also the dachshund Fantik, who joined the vet with dog singing while he was playing the accordion.

The vet wrote under the video that he and the dog are just beginners, and he also announced that they would have a concert together soon.

Watch a cute video from Ukraine in which all the attention was stolen by a vet performing on accordion and his four-legged patient who joined him while playing with dog singing.

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